Guidance for the Circular Economy

Translating the Circular Economy Principles to Practical Guidance for Organisations For those of you interested in implementing the Circular Economy and wondering where to start, whether in the first stages of starting up, a concept idea or in a larger and more developed business, the BSI has recently published: BS 8001:2017 Framework for implementing the … Continue reading Guidance for the Circular Economy

London Open Circles

Here's a second post from last year summarising some of the activities and challenges worked on during the London end of the OSCEdays. I'll be following up on some of these to see "Where are they now?" and also beginning to develop ideas and organisers for this years days. Interested check out OSCEdays 2016 or email me … Continue reading London Open Circles

Opening Circular Memories

As you may have noticed, the OSCEdays is back! Need a reminder of the types of things to expect this year? Here's an overview originally posted on the The KTN Blog. Will be sharing some London-based activities soon as well as an update on some of the projects, places we've been and events and activities where we've … Continue reading Opening Circular Memories