Circular Coffee + Conversation 3

Bi-weekly Circular Coffee Conversation and part of the Circular Economy Clubs Cities week

About this Event


Part of our bi-weekly Circular Coffee Conversations. They will be live, with a different guest every time and we will discuss different circular aspects over a virtual coffee. We will aim to ask a few questions ourselves for about 15min and then open up the questions to the people on the call.

How it works:

  1. Grab a cuppa.
  2. Join us at 11am
  3. Listen to an inspiring conversation with their #CircularConversationStarter
  4. Ask any questions you might have on the topic.

If you cannot join for a reason or another, we’ll record this series and send you the link. So if you are interested, don’t forget to sign-up.

This is our way to support, create and amplify local initiatives!


What is the Reading Circular Economy Club (CEC)?

We are part of the Circular Economy Club, a global network of over 3,500 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 100 countries changing the way our cities operate.

Our aim is to use Circular Economy models, design and thinking as innovation drivers to reduce waste and rethink products, business and behaviours, creating new and wider value for our community.

We act as a platform to amplify local initiatives and create new opportunities, bringing businesses, government, individuals and academic together.

We want to be brave, innovative, thoughtful and impactful.

We aim to meet every other month for an interactive, hands-on and fun event where ideas are shared and actions agreed to “put” Reading on the map of Circular Economy.

Who is it for?

Our CEC events are all very inclusive. Regardless if you are already involved in the circular economy or simply curious about this new way of doing business and looking for inspiration, we would love to have you join this series of events. We want to imagine and create a Circular Reading together 🙂

The event is finished.


Oct 29 2020


11:00 - 23:30



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