Cork CabaretEver thought about the secret lives of corks and what they get up to once you’ve opened that bottle….. as well as where they go? 

A Corking life animations  – A Corking Challenge – explores the uses, sustainability and recycling of the main “star” of the animation, cork. A glimpse into its sustainable attributes. Join in on twitter @Corkinglife. We’d love to hear your ideas for the next installments!

Corking Life Animations

London Circular Jam LogoLondon Circular Jam – to create, connect and collaborate around sustainability – with a focus/ twist on the circular economy

A great chance to learn from each other, form new networks and make a difference. It’s an amazing movement to be a part of!

We held our jam as part of the Global Sustainability Jam from the 21st to 23rd of November. Now planning for the follow up, so keep an eye out! Read the jam Storify here.

London Circular Jam