Cork CabaretEver thought about the secret lives of corks and what they get up to once you’ve opened that bottle….. as well as where they go? 

A Corking life animations  – A Corking Challenge – explores the uses, sustainability and recycling of the main “star” of the animation, cork. A glimpse into its sustainable attributes. Join in on twitter @Corkinglife. We’d love to hear your ideas for the next installments!

Corking Life Animations

Urbin Issue recyclingThe Urban Recycling Inquiry,  (launched in September 2014),  a collaboration between Keep Britain Tidy, SITA UK with support from BritainThinks, took the form of a Citizens Jury. An England wide poll was also conducted on urban recycling. The final insights and report took the form of a 10 point Action Plan for a variety of stakeholders (Government, Local Authorities, businesses and the community) to increase urban recycling rates. Alongside the report is an accessible video.

SITA UK & Keep Britain Tidy


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