Translating the Circular Economy Principles to Practical Guidance for Organisations

For those of you interested in implementing the Circular Economy and wondering where to start, whether in the first stages of starting up, a concept idea or in a larger and more developed business, the BSI has recently published:

BS 8001:2017

Framework for implementing the principles of the circular economy in organizations. Guide

“Published in May 2017, BS 8001 is the first practical framework and guidance of its kind for organizations to implement the principles of the circular economy and has been written in way so that it can be used wherever they are in the world.  It is intended to apply to any organization, regardless of location, size, sector and type.  It will be useful to those with varying levels of knowledge and understanding of the circular economy.  It provides practical ways to secure smaller ‘quick-wins’, right through to helping organizations re-think holistically how their resources are managed to enhance financial, environmental and social benefits.  ” – BSI Circular Economy Page

Alongside this is a handy Executive briefing document, as, as many of us who work in this area know, it’s often the first stages of engaging stakeholders and enabling organisations to recognise the wide value investing in “Circular” strategies can bring,  that can be the tricky ones to overcome.

You can read more on it in this blog on Edie by the chair of the drafting Committee Phil Cumming.

Alongside this there’s a handy webinar coming up on the 12th of July hosted by BSI, IEMA and CIWM where panel members will be presenting more on the standard.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to implement Circular!

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