I just wrote a quick email to someone that I’d meaning to do for a while but hadn’t had time……..(sorry).

It made me reflect and appreciate  the number of amazing projects, initiatives and organisations working on really important and meaningful “stuff”. Thought I’d share as a reminder….. and this was just a quick list…. and yes, sorry, fairly London focused…… please suggest and add too 🙂

What I think is a particularly special part of it is its underlying roots, the self initiation, the courage to just go and do, question and reclaim our role of active thinking citizens (rather than consumers) and in a considered and professional way.
  • Civicshop (Cassie Robinson) – highlighting and questions projects and initiatives that help us to regain a more active civic role in society – they ran a pop-up shop in Somerset House last year (or earlier this) and are looking at next steps. I took part in a design based hack with them and Good for Nothing recently at Makerversity.
  • Restart Project – engaging people in repair of their electronics (alongside beginning to campaign and have an active voice for better design and maintenance, against planned obsolescence)
  • the People’s Design Lab – Looking and engaging manufacturer in redesign of products, particularly ones that can’t be recycled, hard to repair, break to fast, over packaged – not just complaining but constructive campaigning.
  • Waste less live more – connecting environmental. less consumerism actions, lifestyles with more environmental and beneficial.
  • People United – focusing on looking at the arts and its positivity for building and highlighting kindness, empathy and more
  • …… probably more but it would be great to find out more what you’re interested in …
Here’s a wee blog I did a while back, about so-called Innovation.
I encourage you to look through, think and let yourself smile and be heartened with some of the things our society, citizens are up to!

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  1. A thought provoking, informative and personal posting – much appreciated

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