Notes on: Material Autobiographies

On Monday I was lucky enough to be able to attend The Great Recovery workshop on Material Tracking and Tracing in a Circular Economy at the Fab Lab London. This was looking at examples from around the world that both raised the reasons for the need for this in the current system while also raising the … Continue reading Notes on: Material Autobiographies

Getting Open About Our Circles

I'd like to introduce you to the Open Source Circular Economy Days 2015. The what days I hear you say! Have we just put two of the most current jargon, so-called tribe terms together? Well yes and no and with definite intent......... The Open Source for Circular Economy Days is a globally distributed event and … Continue reading Getting Open About Our Circles

Activities of a Quietly Determined Nature

Well It's a month into 2015 and things may have seemed to have been a bit quiet on the TechnicalNature front.....but.... I've had my head down, focusing on lots of exciting upcoming developments (that I'll share in more detail soon). Including: The London Circular Jam - #JAMbition talks and drinks at The Proud Archivist Open Source Circular … Continue reading Activities of a Quietly Determined Nature