Notes on – Resources Limited or Limited Resources

Quick overview notes from Wrap's Resources Limited conference today. Key takeaways - the examples and ideas are out there from Ifixit online to LG Electronics repair stations in South Korea, it's about informing, profiling, supporting and scaling. Oh and some are still chanting the give the consumer what they want...........However isn't this just a cyclic system … Continue reading Notes on – Resources Limited or Limited Resources

Circular Jam Plotting

The days are flying by and we're now less than 2 weeks away from the London Circular Jam (part of the Global Sustainability Jam). Still lots to do and I'm beginning to see circles everywhere (but that's another post). Plenty of time to still get involved too!

A Laggard of Innovation?

Time to Rethink the Bell Curve? As a product designer I've always struggled in my mind with innovation and the appreciation of the amazing new designs and technology constantly released. alongside the amount of stuff this creates. Their tantalising promises to create ease and simplify life, promising to speed up how fast we can find and get to places, … Continue reading A Laggard of Innovation?