Something’s a brewing and it ain’t a cup of tea (well actually it is, but beside that……..).

This summer’s been a bit of a heatwave in London (although the rain seems to be steadily setting in), but beside that it’s also been a chance to take stock, reflect and absorb the surrounding design and sustainability climate.

In other words I’m setting up and planing to create a website that will support building collaboration and design for good (social and environmental benefit and impact), ¬†flexing some of my old creative muscles in the world of design for sustainability, Cradle to Cradle, EcoDesign…….

Like the umbrella’s used for rain or shade it’s time to get multi-disciplinary, assess the consequences of design and risk and make sure that the positive are¬†at the forefront (don’t get burnt and stay dry).

Looking forward to exciting adventures and collaborations to come!

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