Climate Innovation Lab Comes To Reading

A Chance To Take Part In The 2017 Global Week of Green Business and the #ClimateMovement  19th of October in Reading ECO4CLIM17 is an official COP23 endorsed initiative, aiming  to promote ecopreneurs, strengthen local green economy ecosystems and boost sustainable business networks. It is a week of activities held on October 16-22 in cities and communities across the … Continue reading Climate Innovation Lab Comes To Reading

Climathon 2017 with Climate KIC

A GREAT PRACTICAL OPPORTUNITY TO CoNNECT, LEARN AND SHARE ON CLIMATE CHANGE ACTION AND SOLUTIONS! The Climathon movement's 24-hour climate change hackathon is organised simultaneously in major cities around the world. Climathon 2017 is set to be the biggest hackathon of its kind in world history, taking place in 75+ cities around the world on … Continue reading Climathon 2017 with Climate KIC

Vote For Design Change!

What are the wasteful products that really make you angry? If you've not already seen, the People's Design Lab is back, brought to you by Zero Waste Europe, launching the Redesign Europe Challenge (how apt). It's even easier now to vote for the products that need to be redesigned or phased out the market (as actually … Continue reading Vote For Design Change!