Five Everyday Tips for Supporting Sustainable Change

What are the steps you can take day-to-day to support moving to a more sustainable, resourceful lifestyle (in Reading and beyond)?  Did you watch Blue Planet 2 at the end of last year?  Perhaps you were shocked by the large-scale coral bleaching of Australia's Great Barrier Reef or on hearing about the 8 million tonnes of plastic in … Continue reading Five Everyday Tips for Supporting Sustainable Change

Opening Circular Memories

As you may have noticed, the OSCEdays is back! Need a reminder of the types of things to expect this year? Here's an overview originally posted on the The KTN Blog. Will be sharing some London-based activities soon as well as an update on some of the projects, places we've been and events and activities where we've … Continue reading Opening Circular Memories

Back to School in 2050

Our World In 2050 (OWin2050) Inspiring the Next Generation of engineers (original version first posted on the Greater London Young Members Committee News) What role will Engineering play in 35 years time? A month ago I coordinated a group of fantastic young volunteer engineers to run the day long Our World in 2050 STEM engagement activity … Continue reading Back to School in 2050