For Scale-up and Businesses Looking to Align With Purpose

A package designed to support scale-ups and larger businesses to review and refocus their product and business model to align with sustainability and the circular economy and grow with purpose


As a scale-up, medium-sized business or corporate, the increased awareness around sustainability circular economy and social ethical business and design can mean that your growing business and expanding portfolio of products need to be reviewed and refocused to be fit for the future and long-term sustainability strategy. Making your foundations stronger and more resilient, while growing positive impact, employee satisfaction and wider citizen (customer) engagement.


I support you (alongside potentially calling on experts in my wider network), to review your current product/s and business model through a circular and sustainable lens before identifying ways to innovate, improve and build sustainable and circular doing into the core of your business and operations, Developing a roadmap and action plan. Think of me as an extra member of your team!


Following a process developed through 12 years of experience in sustainable, circular product and business design:

1. Understand & Explore   >   2. Reflect & Refocus     3. Detail & Deliver


  • Identified sustainability and circular focus areas of your businesses (areas of greater impact or opportunity)
  • Clarity in your vision, mission and purpose and how to articulate this
  • Roadmap and recommendation actions to further continue your circular, sustainable journey
  • Potential, contacts, networks or other follow-up connections for further support


Each business and individual is unique in their journey and their current needs so I aim to take this into consideration into my costings.


I’ll send you a more detailed content overview and you’re welcome to book in a free 15min call to discuss and see if right for you. Then when you’re ready to move your sustainable, circular journey forward I’ll send a short introductory survey to understand your priorities further to support developing a bespoke plan focusing on your needs (and keeping costs low and focused).

I aim to keep prices transparent for the different elements (think of it like a menu) and in particular to support a diverse range of types of businesses and founders. My costings will reflect this and I am open to different payment options and levels.