Sustainable, Circular Design and Ethical Business Tools

A collection of mainly free sustainability, circular economy and business model tools, templates, workshops and resources to support environmental, social, ethical and circular design. For businesses, start-ups and growing awareness. If you’d like advice or support with any then just get in touch. Also, check out my different offers pages for workshops and packages around the ones I use or have developed.

Design Focused Toolkits, processes and frameworks

EcoDesign & Sustainability

Circular Economy

Ethical Technology Design and Guidance

Product Design Engineering Tools and Guidelines

(some may be related to standards and regulations or voluntary versions)


  • Recycle Now Locator – search what to do with different items in the UK
  • Zero Waste Near Me – look where you can buy bulk and products without plastic packaging
  • re3cyclopedia – App for the Reading, Bracknell, Wokingham recycling partnership on recycling
  • Terracycle – Company specialising in the collection of under recycled waste steams via private collection points
  • Recorked UK – UK wide cork recycling programme
  • Open Apparel Registry – an open global map of apparel facilities (Fashion)
  • AppyMaps – a growing map of social enterprises
  • CEC Circular Cities Mapping – A global database of Circular Economy associated organisations


Regulations and Standards

Sustainability Audits & Calculators

Impact & Evidence

Business Modelling and Processes


  • Theory U – Leading from the future as it emerges
  • Regenerative / Generative Leadership

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