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Alternatively you might be able to borrow from friends and family, your local library (or even myself if I have it and nearby), try second-hand or charity shop or support your local independent bookstore directly or through alternative online platforms such as Hive where you can choose a local bookshop to donate a % of the sale to. Let’s spread the book love!

Overview of Sustainability, Design

  • Design Revolutions
  • Design Justice
  • Product Design in the Sustainable Era
  • Emotional Durable Design – Johnathan Chapman

System Thinking, Human Development and Economics


  • Wayfinder – Wade Davis
  • Affluenza – Oliver James
  • Collapse – Jared Diamond

Practical Sustainable Design resources

  • Materials and the Environment
  • The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to LCA – An orientation of Life Cycle Assessment methodology and application – Henrike Baumann & Ann-Marie Tillman
  • Universal Methods of DesignBruce Hannington, Bella Martin

Everyday Sustainable Actions and Guidance

  • The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide, Everything you need to know to make small changes that make a difference – Jen Gale
  • How to Save the World for Free – Natalie Fee
  • Change the world 9 to 5 – We are what we do

Psychology, Behaviour Change, Values

  • Common CauseWWF & PIRC
  • Humankind – Rutger Bregman
  • Predictably Irrational – The hidden forces which shape our decision – Dan Ariely 
  • The Tipping point – Malcolm Gladwell
  • Blink – Malcolm Gladwell
  • How to have a beautiful mindEdward de Bono
  • The Art of TravelAlain De Botton

Sustainable Business/ CSR/ Strategy

  • The Necessary RevolutionPeter Senge
  • The Responsibility Revolution – Hollender
  • The Sustainable MBA – Gisele Weybrecht
  • The Viking Manifesto – The Scandinavian Approach to Business and Blasphemy – Steve Strid & Claes Andreasson

Alternative and uplifting magazines and news to subscribe to

  • Positive News
  • Permaculture Magazine
  • The Correspondent
  • The Conversation
  • Just Breathe
  • The Little Things

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