Sustainable Design Talks, Presentations and Keynotes

Covering topics of sustainability, ecodesign, circular design and emerging eco trends, lifestyles, products and insights to  grow inspiration

One of the key things in Sustainability is sharing, collaboration, igniting interest, care and being more open. This is why I find giving Sustainable Design Talks, Presentations and being a Keynote Speaker such an important and rewarding experience.

Talks I give are often from personal experince, projects I’ve been involved in or disciplines I’ve worked in.

I also give bespoke keynote talks where I provied research and insight into particular topics covered.

A few examples of Sustainable Design talks, presentation and Keynotes below:

IKEA – Design For (Everyday) Life  – August 2017

A keynote speaker on “Design for Everyday” – sustainable lifetsyles for an IKEA HQ team day – August 2017

Scaling Sustainably – Makerhood at the Remakery – Jan 2016

A practical talk given at the Remakery in Brixton, to support creative makers thinking of scaling to look at some of the possibilities and Challenges to scaling sustainably. This inspired to  write this up in a blog for the CRL 

Sustainable Innovation – Nov 2015

Some thoughts on the last 20 years in sustainable design and innovation for the Centre for Sustainable Design and some musings for the future! At the Sustainable Innovation conference I also gave a PechaKucha on Open Design Approaches for Sustainable Innovation.

Why does You Tube always catch me with a bad face on…… ah well

Wuthering Bytes Festival – Sept 2015

At the wonderful Wuthering Bytes festival, sharing some background, projects and initial findings from the OSCEdays and our activities based around and exploring the Circular Economy and Open Source.

Reading Geek Night – Open and Collaborative Design for a Circular Economy – June 2016

Getting my geek on at Reading Geek Night, after a very long weekend running the 2nd OSCEdays in London, featuring an outing to Reading.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss and bespoke speaker opportunities or are interested in upcoming events or workshop.