A Global Event and Platform Exploring an Open Source Circular Economy

A waste-free and sustainable circular economy cannot work without transparency, open access and open source solutions.


Open Source Circular Economy Days is a diverse and globally distributed event using Open Source methodology to build a Circular Economy.

OSCEDays Slider Jenni Ottelie Keppler /www.ottilie.cc CC-BY_SA


Experts and innovators from the fields of open source hardware, software, data, design, circular economy, waste, resource management and the collaborative economy will work together, globally connected, in order to develop, exchange ideas and prototype systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.



Started in 2015, I’m part of the core global team that has now grown to a voluntary Board of Stewards (BoST). Alongside this also one of the local London organisers (also in 2016 taking a trip out to Reading). Now with more than 70 cities taking part around the world, it’s sure an amazing chance to learn, connect and create with like-minded folk for an open source circular economy.


In London over the years we’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with and be supported by:

and been supported by the KTN

Also please get in touch if interested, to join, challenge, sponsor, help out or just find out more! You can also join the conversation on the open Global Community platform, @OSCEdays #OSCEdays and Facebook group, as well as London organising hub for this.

I’ll be sharing some more on some of the projects that are being developed from it.