London Circular Jam Logo

Aim: The London Circular Jam aims to bring groups of people together interested to learn more and design around sustainability and the circular economy in practical action over a jam packed creative weekend workshop in teams. It is  also the London representative of the Global Sustainability Jam

Outcome: On the weekend of the 21st to 23rd of November we had more than 40 individuals come together from diverse backgrounds and experiences to come up with ideas and prototypes for more sustainable solutions. Alongside experienced mentors including Frank O’Connor, Mark Shayler (This is Ape), Dr Emma Jefferies, & Chris Thompson (Viadynamics) to name a few. Also great support from the Fab Lab London, Creative KTN Design SIG with their Horizons tool and not forgetting Admans beer!

Areas included:

  • Making water usage more visible and educating children on it
  • Connecting children back to where food comes from and how it’s grown
  • Reimagining our fast food with a bug restaurant chain
  • Tackling the umbrella waste mountain / Eiffel tower
  • Caring more for your clothes through adding to and sharing their life passport
  • Causing people to stop and think before throwing away and buying new

London Circular Jam teardown

Role: As part of the wonderful volunteer organising group, putting our heads and hands and skills to whatever task needs doing. Blueprint planning, workshop flow, communications and social media, risk assessments, setting up and taking part!

Great to collaborate with Jenni Parker, Robert Maslin, Sharon Prendeville, Emma Jonsson and Rosie Willat