Central Research Laboratory Hardware Accelerator London 

CRL Hardware Accelerator and Coworking space Set-up and Development


AIM: The Central Research Laboratory (CRL) in West London is an innovative, first of its kind facility for the UK. In partnership with Brunel University London and U+I, Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive support structure for individuals and early stage companies who design and make physical/ hardware products.

It includes: workspace, mentoring, business advice, seed funding and a high specification digital manufacturing facility. It’s positioned at the ‘professional’ end of the makerspace, incubator and co-working market; targeted at those with the skills and ambition to develop innovative products and sustainable businesses.

My key role/s there have involved:

Building of an open and supportive startup co-working community and culture for 11 startup businesses, through establishing open dialogue and trusting relationships, ensuring that the startups are comfortable to be honest about their worries and progress. Incorporating elements of skill, knowledge and tool sharing into the workspace. This is also reflected online and offline, in development of our blogs, newsletters, events and activities.

Organising and running workshops on Design & Business skills
Using product and business development skills, tools and experience to support in development of the startup programme curriculum, toolkit, workshops and day to day organisation, running and experts facilitation.

One to one coaching and topic sessions with the startups on their developing businesses, particularly specializing in User Research and insight development methods, Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition and sustainable innovation

Building in Sustainability and environmental, social startup considerations within the CRL and in the sector through workshop development from standards to business model innovation and external presentations. See blog on Scaling Sustainably?