Senseo Viva Café ECO

Aim: To combine previous Cradle to Cradle inspired research, development and sustainability knowledge and supply chain development and insight to produce Philips 1st close loop plastic product – their most sustainable coffee machine.

Summary: A special sustainable edition of the Philips Senseo Senseo Viva Cafe Eco Sustainable Materials via PhilipsCoffee machine, developed in the Netherlands and launched in 2011. It takes lessoned learned from previous Philips products and internal research and development Cradle to Cradle projects to develop a coffee machine using closed loop, post consumer plastics from Philips own products alongside other plastic recycling streams. Energy saving shut off was also integrated.

Outcome: A product that takes exciting steps in Sustainable development, stays true to it’s Sustainable intention while still creating an eye-catching sleek design within the product boundaries.

Role:  Part of the development team while working in Philips Consumer Lifestyle as lead Sustainability Engineer for Domestic Appliances. Supported in project proposition scoping & development for both energy & materials, collaboration with external partners to create the 1st coffee machine containing recycled plastic parts, also using a closed loop supply system using Philips own WEEE waste plastic. Investigation of new material suppliers, colour development and final assessment.