Systems & LifeCycle PLUS

I am experienced in Life Cycle Analysis,  both through study and practical application.  This approach or mindset brings value to mapping and understanding product and system impact, supply chains, user interactions, design considerations and identifying alternatives at the front end of concept design (or redesign) for a circular economy.

I look at expanding the traditional LCA boundaries to consider areas such as system, policy and campaign roles for improvement. Moving away sometimes from the product but identifying root cause needs.

I can support in:

  • Product Life Cycle mapping – Supporting in mapping and creating a product & user life cycle
  • Identifying environmental (and social) “hot spots” – particular areas of negative impact
  • Life cycle for a Circular Economy – Identifying through product/ system mapping alternative business models opportunities, product improvements or system changes for a circular economy
  • Systems & LifeCycle PLUS – mapping, designing and analysing outside the product boundaries and building in consideration of social impacts

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