“Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too……       

Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe…..”

Providing technical expertise and experience, particularly on environmental  design and policy aspects such as ecodesign, circular economy, Life Cycle Analysis, resource usage, and energy using products. Re-engineering and un-producting.

Collaborating on areas of work, expertise and insight

  • Systems & LifeCycle PLUS – mapping, designing and analysing outside the product boudaries
  • Policy – development, review advising and consultation responses
  • Research – Technical and behavioural research, report and article writing

Why TechnicalNature?

Utilising technical insight and expertise to connect and transfer across disciplines,  identifying and addressing real needs and root causes for sustainable impact.


  • Inspiring and facilitating a faster change to more environmentally, efficient and socially beneficial products, technologies and systems
  • Building in environmental and social impact considerations of products, technology and systems from the start

Systems & LifeCycle PLUS

Experienced in LCA Product/ System mapping for improved environmental and social impact, a circular economy and new business model opportunities

Project Management

Support in technical and environmental policy reviewing, consultation, inquiries, evidence creation and transalting into practical steps and action