Sustainable Product Design Consultancy

Circular Economy, Ecodesign, Lifecycle and Systems Thinking

With over 10 years experience in the UK and abroad, from large corporations to early stage startups, I provide practical technical engineering and sustainable product design expertise. Alongside this, insight, strategy and thought leadership on a range of sustainability focused and emerging topics

Having worked in design and engineering I know just how wonderful technology, engineering, digital can be and how it has contributed so much to our society.

However… It will not save us on its own and often may not be the right solution, solving the the right problem at the right depth. There is also growing awareness around the negative effects and consequences it may potentially have on individuals, society and the environment.

Key Tools and Products include:  

  • Sustainable Product and Business Design –  Circular economy, ecodesign, Life Cycle Analysis and thinking
  • Developing strategy, impact and measurement frameworks
  • Sustainable research and insight in innovation, design, lifestyles and emerging topics and trends

Who is it for?


If you’re at the early stages

I help to map and understand the problems you’re trying to solve and come up with creative solutions that are often enabled by technology.

If you have a product

I help to review your product from a sustainability perspectives, utilising a number of tools to understand where its “hot spots” are throughout the supply chain and product system. Then we can come up with creative strategies and solutions to over come these.

If you have a business

I’ll work with you to review your business, its value chain for sustainability risks and opportunities, alongside this looking out your vision, mission and values and how this translates across your organisation and how to measure it.

Or you might just need a little outside inspiration

It might be that you, your, team or business are looking for a bit of outside inspiration, reasearch and insight, perhaps a different perspective




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Get in touch

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If I can help then we can then outline the brief and costs

If not I’ll try to sign-post you to other organisations or resources that may be able to support.

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“Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too……       

Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe…..” Anon

Notes on TechnicalNature

Utilising technical insight and project management expertise to connect and transfer across disciplines,  identifying and addressing real needs and root causes for sustainable impact.

  • Inspiring and facilitating a faster change to more environmental, efficient and socially beneficial products, technologies and systems
  • Building in environmental and social impact considerations of products, technology and systems from the start