There are so many great organisations, people and things going on in Reading UK and the surrounding area that support a more sustainable “Circular” or sustainable place to live and work.


Open Sustainability Database for Reading

Since moving to Reading, I tried to look for and map where I may be able to, Reuse, Recycle things or buy second hand, gets things fixed. Where were the organisations rethinking systems and infrastructure that will help reduce environmental impact and contribute to people’s well being?

Well there’s lots and the momentum behind community and business powered change is increasing.

In June 2016 with the Open Source Circular Economy days project ,  we looked at beginning an open map of them all. Then, life gets busy and it’s left on your desktop until it’s more ‘ready’. However it never will be ready, as it’s continually evolving and it’s much better to share it openly and collaborate on. Based on this, I’ve written some blogs based on sustainability things and actions you take in the area, although there’s always loads of new things emerging since.  You can follow some at Studio Material Values and the join in with the Reading Circular Economy Club.

Five Everyday Tips for Supporting Everyday Sustainable Change

  1. Broken doesn’t have to mean Goodbye – Repair, Mend, Maintain, Sew, Knit and Reinvent it!
  2. Get creative with what you have, learn and be inspired by others – Try making your own gifts, or perhaps give or take part in a workshop or events that support this
  3. Try eating and buying more Local, Seasonal, Veggie and homemade – Good for the environment and your tummy
  4. Always Question and Choose for Ethical and good design – Fair Trade, good materials, ethical policies, 2nd hand and support local and independent
  5. Get out, share and connect! There are loads of Community initiatives sharing Knowledge, Spaces, Connecting, creating Tech, Energy and supporting getting out into Nature

So please add to this open database, adjust as need and perhaps we can meetup and develop it further into a more accessible resource for Reading to connect and move sustainability forward in the area.

Alongside this some wonderful friends who run a startup called Appymaps have made a start of mapping Reading & the surrounding areas Social Impact.