Environmenstrual Ambassador Workshops

Sharing information and insight into sustainable and and environmental menstrual / period products 

As an Environmenstrual Ambassadors with WEN UK and City to Sea, we are a nationwide team trained up in period / menstrual education for schools, universities, community groups and workplaces.  Equipping and enabling young people and adults to have the tools and access to all the information they need to make informed choices about which menstrual products to use.

Free workshops are available that cover: 

  • Menstrual product options – reusable & disposable
  • Overview of the menstrual cycle and female anatomy
  • Period poverty and period taboo
  • Environmental and health impacts of products
  • Disposal issues
  • Links with Environmenstrual Week of Action – period activism
  • Examples of environmental menstrual options and discount codes

Workshops can range from 45 minutes – 1.5 hour depending on the needs of the group.  A good workshop size includes no more than 30 people. Workshops are FREE of charge.

If you’re interested to organise a workshop at your school, university, workplace or community group please get in touch (particularly if in the Reading/ Berkshire area).

All workshops will be online at this time either using your preferred programme of zoom. I also have a DBS certificate.

Email: erica@technicalnature.org.uk