Love Materials and Value Good Design with Purpose?

Reconnecting people & the planet through materials, mapping, products, makers & their stories

Studio Material Values was born from the recognition of a disconnection with stuff around us and more importantly the wondrous world and where it all comes from.
Many of us are lucky with the choice and range of products now available, sped up by industrialisation, mass manufacturing around the world and our driving linear economic system behind it all. However, this has meant that we’ve also lost track of what it’s made from, how its made, who by and just what is the cost to the planet and ultimately society. Even if we even need it!
At Material Values it’s about loving, caring and thinking about our stuff more – not in a materialistic, more shiny, more stuff, consume, consume kind of way, but a thoughtful, considered and connected way. One that fully takes into consideration the impact of our stuff on the people making it, those that live where resources are extracted and the impact on the planet throughout it’s life.

It’s about celebrating products that have recognised the wider value of materials, using others “waste”, prolonging life, choosing carefully.

  • It’s about great design that solves problems, improves material usage, looks at health, social and environmental aspects and wellbeing and overall uses less.
  • It’s about exploring and championing the local area, mapping the material flows, the circular products, businesses, campaigns and individuals that are thoughtfully rethinking, redesign, reducing, reusing, up-cycling and recycling to support more sustainable lifestyles. (It’s also about finding where improvements need to be made).
  • And it’s about values, deep rooted, purpose driven, socially responsible (yes money comes into it to, because this is important in being able to sustain an organisation of business) but wider social and environmental value is core.

It’s about redefining more, embracing less and feeling content and happy with the reality of enoughness for you.

Learning through action and engaging others to respect materials and champion the people creating from intrinsic caring and nature connected values more.
Signposting alternatives and engaging through action in various projects, programmes and campaigns.
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