Integrating Nature for Wellbeing and Creativity

Seeding connections and exploring how to be flourishing humans in an increasingly tech focused world. Finding balance and the considerations  and consequences of tech and nature in work and life

Focusing on the Purpose Driven People Behind the Products and Businesses


Connecting human and social insight and innovation with technical and creative approaches.

Engaging and influencing a wide range of stakeholders and complex project and programme management.

Through collaborating on areas of work, expertise and insight

  • Connecting & Mentoring – Individuals or in groups
  • Sharing & collaborating with other wellbeing, nature and design organisations
  • Advocating for access to nature for all 
  • Integrated Nature Business Workshops – Coming Soon


It’s lovely to connect with an actual human

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We are human beings, not doings. Take time to be”

Why HumanNature?

Human and social insight and collaboration is essential for developing and sustaining projects and programmes that address and create positive social and environmental impact


  • Support the development  and increase the effectiveness of environmental and social impact projects and programmes through their design and impact measurement
  • Bring people together, engage and collaborate with stakeholders across sectors and the supply chain

“what we measure affects what we do.  If we use the wrong measures we will strive for the wrong things.”  –  Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz