Circular Economy Club Reading UK

What is the Reading Circular Economy Club?

We are part of the Circular Economy Club, a global network of over 3,500 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 100 countries changing the way our cities operate. Run and organised voluntarily.

Our aim is to use Circular Economy models, design and thinking as innovation drivers to reduce waste and rethink products, business and behaviours, creating new and wider value for our community.

Our aim is to act as a platform to amplify local initiatives and create new opportunities, bringing businesses, government, individuals and academic together.

We want to be brave, innovative, thoughtful and impactful.

We aimed to meet in person every other month (pre-Covid19) for an interactive, hands-on and fun event where ideas are shared and actions agreed to “put” Reading on the map of Circular Economy. 

We’ve now moved online and started  ” Circular Coffee + Conversation


We’re Collaboratively Building Circular Open Resources for Reading


A Collaboration Between

Supported By 

Reading Climate Action Network  & The Curious Lounge

Ways to get involved