Exploring the Nature of Value Based Work and Living 

Values are integral to all that I do,  in fact they are my basis, connected to my purpose and are embedded throughout my approach, interactions and focus areas.

Their roots are built on underlying care, kindness and creativity for community, society and the environment and making positive contributions and impact towards them. Constantly evolving, growing, digging deeper, exploring and connecting with my true human nature and what this collectively means.


Building a culture and relationship of working with rather than for others improves the design of positive outcomes as well as enhances the experience! Enabling and empowering others, building capacity as well as learning along the way. Sharing experiences and results and breaking down barriers will help support the transition to more sustainable and socially beneficial systems


Harnessing and building on underlying caring motivations and passion for improved social and environmental outcomes drives good and better design for all. These should be forefront of any project and continually revisited to question why we are doing it,  is it really the best solution and are the consequences positive. Connecting to these will also improve the experience and the outcome.


Being honest to myself and with others, maintaining high integrity in all that I do and ensuring that the outcomes reflect the nature of my values.

CURIOUS by Nature

Staying open and curious, constantly stepping back and questioning. 

These are just a few key ones that try to encompass much of my thinking, what I’m about and what you will get if we work together.

If you want to read more about values and intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, I recommend taking a look at Common Cause and alongside this Brene Brown has some nice resources on this and operationalising values in her Daring to Lead Hub