When you’re busy delivering day to day, it can sometimes be difficult to remember to step back, reflect why you started and what you wanted to achieve.

For organisations with a social or environmental purpose (or both), this is ever more important. Are you making a positive difference, solving the problem you wanted to solve, serving the need you identified and wanted to improve? Could you be more effective?

Alongside this, as a small business with limited resources to understand your impact and where often the really impact is longer term and linked to that of your clients, it can be difficult to know where to even start.

When I founded TechnicalNature I set out to support and accelerate the move to a sustainable society, bridging the gap between technology and social and environmental consideration and creating spaces to do this. I wanted to do this as a transparent, personal organisation, walking the talk and living my values. Practically bridging vision and theory with action (and enjoying it along the way).

“To facilitate, inspire change and provide practical action towards a sustainable society and positive design consequences”

This was all under 3 key areas or work or objectives: TechnicalNature, HumanNature, CreativeNature

Now, 3 years on, impact ( as ever) is extremely hard to map and for now I am basing it on a lot of outputs and outcomes. However, I want to be transparent about what I’ve learned, celebrate the successes, share some of the lessons and challenges, dig deeper into some of them and follow up with some of the background stories more and how this can support me (and perhaps others) strategically moving on in effectiveness towards sustainability, as well as greater wellbeing. Sustaining yourself and career.

Ultimately, I’ve worked and collaborated with some amazing people and organisations all around the world. Inspiring, activating, giving and getting strength and guidance, innovating and finding opportunity and value, growing and developing, together making products, businesses and the world, that bit of a better place.

For this and more, I am extremely grateful.

More narrative to follow and I would love to hear from those worked with on progress made!