TechnicalNature specialises in sustainable design and creative strategies for startups, SME’s and organisations looking to disrupt business as usual, explore circular opportunities and grow with purpose. 

We combine sustainability expertise in product design and technology with human insight and behavioural design, alongside using a range of creative and engaging design techniques and methods to accelerate the move to a sustainable society – from vision to practical action across stakeholders.

This may take the form of:

  • Introductory or in-depth sustainable design and business workshops, in a range of forms: training sessions, accelerators, incubators, “hackathons”, design jams
  • Bespoke in-house design and business strategy consultations in sustainability – from getting your house in order to innovating opportunities
  • Talks, Communication and Research on emerging sustainable topics and trends
  • Coaching and mentoring individuals, startups and other organisations looking to build sustainability into their work and life


Sprouted in 2014, the seeds of the enterprise had been sowed a long time ago……..


Erica Purvis TechnicalNature

Technology has progressed massively over the years and brought a host of benefits with it. Alongside this we are now revisiting this technology to be more sustainable and socially beneficial in energy efficiency, material choices or even through completely new business models based more around services and benefits to society.

However, vast gaps still exist in the adoption and move to more sustainable technology, lifestyles and economies.

Often the technology or product itself has not been connected enough with its users, either in the way it is developed, introduced, the surrounding policies and the larger consumer, growth driven system it now exists in.

We live in an economy that is largely built upon the making of stuff, persuading you that you need it, the buying and using of it (maybe) and then the disposing of it. All this happens at the expense of vast demand on resources with huge consequences for the environment and societies around the world, contributing minimally and unequally to many people’s happiness and wellbeing.


I believe however that real value is only created when social and environmental problems are considered, reduced and even made better

It’s not all doom and gloom, and around the world thousands of wonderful organisations and people work to improve the situation. For my part, with a background as a design engineer I  use a variety of transferable skills, knowledge and experience developed from Engineering, Human and Social Insight , Research and Design disciplines to identify needs, improve understanding, design approaches, evaluate and take action to create sustainable impact.

On a personal level there was also the dilemma  many face, how to combine what drives you, your passion, what you’re actually any good at and what the world actually needs?  The technical engineering, the human experience and interaction or the more creative design ………I decided to combine them all.


drawing credit to @Iamquestioning Marcela Tehran

drawing credit to @Iamquestioning Marcela Tehran

This has been a theme wherever I’ve worked, combining technical knowledge and affinity with creative and human aspects, listening, caring, inspiring and influencing, bringing people together from different sectors and disciplines to identify social and environmental improvement opportunities and translate these into practical steps and action.

Whether working in the Netherlands for Sustainable Innovation and Development in Philips Consumer Lifestyle, as Design & Evidence Manager for Environmental NGO Waste Watch and Keep Britain Tidy or coaching startups for Climate KIC and the CRL,  I take a holistic and questioning approach to any problem, project or issue.

I build collaborative relationships and create strategies, insight or practical steps that ensure that you (or we) always learn, develop and achieve positive results together for people and the planet

You could say it’s in my  “Nature”


Let’s Create !

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Vision and Mission

Contributing to a society that is mindful of it’s impact and the consequences of design to others and the environment. Living, learning and loving to create positive design together.


Values are integral to all that I do. They are founded on the underlying care for community, society and the environment and making positive contributions and impact towards them.

Sustainability Policy

Be the change. Aiming to align and explore how I work in a way that promotes positive social and environmental impact and reducing negative where possible.