Connecting the Circular Economy to your home life (and work)

Just what is the Circular Economy and what does it mean for the choices you can make at home to support combating climate change?

Circular@Home is a free and open week-long challenge to inspire action on Climate Change through a circular lens


As part of the Reading Climate Festival, a week-long programme of free events to inspire action on climate change, the Circular Economy Club Reading will be running a week long Circular@Home Challenge to help individuals and families learn about, take action and share steps they can take on their journey to decreasing waste and look at sustainable resource use, in our homes and out and about in our daily lives.

We’ll be sharing tips that shift from less take, use and discard of stuff and materials, to exploring our relationship with things, rethinking, reducing, reusing, renting, repairing and recycling!

From Monday to Friday there’s a different circular theme with some short and simple, to more longer term actions you can take to build more circularity into your life (and work).

Circular Coffee + Conversation Session with Biohm

The week will culminate on Friday 13th November with an online session at 10am. A special Circular Coffee + Conversation where we will be joined by a Ehab Sayed, the Founder and Director of Innovation at Biohm. A true innovator in the Circular Economy!

Ehab founded Biohm to develop nature-inspired construction systems and materials that champion a transformation towards the integration of biological processes in manufacturing, and create a biomimetic (nature-inspired) circular future that meets our environmental, economic and human needs.

Sign-up to get involved, receive a support guide for the week and join the conversation on Friday. We’ll also be harvesting the ideas and celebrating all the changes people have made through the week.

A chance to take Circular Action at Home and as a Community!

What is the Reading Circular Economy Club (CEC)?

We are part of the Circular Economy Club, a global network of over 3,500 circular economy professionals and organisations in over 100 countries changing the way our cities operate. Our aim is to use Circular Economy models, design and thinking as innovation drivers to reduce waste and rethink products, business and behaviours, creating new and wider value for our community.

We act as a platform to amplify local initiatives and create new opportunities, bringing businesses, government, individuals and academic together.

We want to be brave, innovative, thoughtful and impactful.

We aim to meet every other month for an interactive, hands-on and fun event where ideas are shared and actions agreed to “put” Reading on the map of Circular Economy.

The club is brought to you by Sophie Segal from Co-CREATE ImpACT and Erica Purvis from TechnicalNature.

Join the conversation on our CEC Reading Linkedin Group or sign up to our newsletter here.

Encouraging Any Donation To Go Towards New Beginnings

We’re directing any donations towards New Beginnings Reading who are dedicated to the relief of poverty and financial hardship in Reading and the greater Berkshire area. From a formerly disused pub in Reading “The Queens Arms” they provide a range of support services for the homeless and others in financial hardship, from after school cafes to a Community Fridge and take away hot meals, providing clothing and toiletries and also host the Reading Bike Kitchen for bicycle repairs.

What is the Reading Climate Festival?

Reading Climate Festival is a week-long programme of free events to inspire action on climate change, curated by Reading Climate Action Network.

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