Sustainability Learning from Home and Home Schooling Activities That Support Celebrating and Connecting with the Planet

Over the last years my work in sustainable and circular design has often seen me working or volunteering with the next generation in schools, delivering workshops, talks and collaborating with some amazing organisations and NGO’s to develop learning resources that equip, enable and empower for people and planet.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the teachers, teaching assistants, and other connected workers and carers in the education sector that continue to work, support and care for the young and potentially also vulnerable in our society at this time, while also enabling other key workers to care for those in need.


Earth Day

All graphics credit to and their work with indigenous artists

COP 26 may be postponed from November, but it’s Earth Day on the 22nd of April.

It seems that many in the world at this time are experiencing a shared awakening and renewed awareness of the importance of nature for our mental and physical health and wellbeing, it’s a chance to reflect, celebrate and focus our creativity for the Earth and our shared future.

Here’s a taster of just a few of the organisations offering free resources and inspiration for children and young people (and well what’s stopping us older folk getting involved to)!

Transform Our World

The Transform Our World platform is quality-rated online resource hub to help teachers bring environmental action into the classroom. It’s coordinated by Environmental NGO Global Action Plan (connecting what’s good for you and good for the planet) in collaboration with the #I Will Foundation. There’s a host of topics and quality curriculum linked resources that have been teacher reviewed, showcasing the work of lots of brilliant organisations in the Environmental learning sector. One example is their recent Goals For Good, exploring values,wellbeing, goal setting and the Sustainable Development Goals.

More recently they’ve curated a selection of Learning from Home resources for parents to also utilise.

National Youth Climate Summit 2020

On Wednesday 22nd April 2020 Transform Our World, in partnership with Robert Ferguson Primary School, live streamed the National Youth Climate Summit 2020 and invited all schools, colleges and young activists across the UK to attend.


The summit was an opportunity for students to hear from an array of inspiring speakers – from leading professionals in the environment sector to young climate activists. It offered a chance for students to dive into our planet’s most pressing climate issues, offering grassroots suggestions on how we avoid ecological collapse and showing them what they can do to help.

For more information on the conference and the watch edited highlights you can visit:

The World Largest Lesson

The World’s Largest Lesson brings the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals to children all over the world and unites them in taking action.

All the resources are free, open source and translated into over 10 languages. They’re a great starting point to base creative thinking and doing around, allowing children find their own individual way of taking action for the Global Goals (and perhaps more adults ad businesses should to).


It’s also FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK 2020 from the 20th – 26th April. That asks us to consider #whomadeyourclothes as well as how and the impacts of fast fashion to the environment and society. This campaign aims to shine a light on the steps needed to bring about revolutionary change at this pivotal point in the history of the fashion industry. Now, more than ever before, the industry is coming under increasing scrutiny and millions of people
around the world are expected to participate in Fashion Revolution Week as it moves online.

Fashion Revolution’s focus this year will be on four key areas: Consumption, Composition, Conditions and Collective Action, showing how this unfolding situation is affecting the people who make our clothes, as well as the impact our clothing has on the earth and the oceans. The campaign will highlight what needs to happen to start to rebuild a fashion industry that values people over growth and profit and conserves and restores the environment as we come out of the other side of this global crisis.

There’s a whole host of events going on around the world and you can also find online resources for educators.

Earth School

TedEd ( offshoot from TedX) alongside a whole host of collaboration partners from the UN to WWF and National Geographic, have launched Earth School! It’s based around a month of daily adventures – or Quests – that help you to understand and celebrate our natural world, while learning about how dependent we are on our planet.

Now more than ever, we need to protect, nurture and care for Earth – so its a chance to learn something amazing every weekday between Earth Day and World Environment Day (June 5th). Within each lesson, they’ve compiled fascinating resources by Earth experts and ideas for getting involved in ways that count. You can to learn more, create, act and share your journey (#EarthSchool) towards a cleaner and greener life.

BBC Bitesize – Daily Learning

The BBC Bitesize have also just realised some more resources to support home schooling and daily activities, with rumour has it, the legend that is Sir David Attenborough narrating some Geography lessons.

Some Local Reading UK Resources

Made by Tamalia – Mini Makes

A wonderful local arts, craft and lifestyle making studio run by former art teacher Tamalia has generously created some arts and craft based resources alongside a virtual arts club on a Saturday with different weekly themes. This weeks is celebrating Earth Day with many inspired by, using and supporting nature.

Beat the Bug

Intelligent Health, the organisation behind Beat the Streets which encourages health and wellbeing through walking, has also released Beat the Bug to help people stay fit and Healthy during the coronavirus outbreak and protect the NHS. It has challenged for all ages with connecting with nature and staying active a strong theme. Local creative nature focused educator and advocate Nature Nurture has supported in bringing inspiration for nature based activities that can be found and enjoyed in urban areas.

Teacher Open Resource Compilations

I’ve also come across some great resource compilations that could keep you busy for years!

Local Reading teacher Harriet @EducateClimate has pulled together an open folder on Climate Change resources and activities nation wide as well as local specific. Alongside this DR Jess T tweeting on Environment Education alongside further open resources for remote learning on environmental education.

Staying Connected with Nature and Each Other

So this Earth Day lets consider, connect and create compassion for nature and each other more than ever.

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, for it will never fail you”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

I’ll be sharing more over the next weeks and perhaps a “corking challenge


If you’re aware of any good resources to highlight and share than please do or reach out to me for other sustainable design related ideas of activities.

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