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The 2017 Global Week of Green Business and the #ClimateMovement

 19th of October in Reading

ECO4CLIM17 is an official COP23 endorsed initiative, aiming  to promote ecopreneurs, strengthen local green economy ecosystems and boost sustainable business networks. It is a week of activities held on October 16-22 in cities and communities across the world to support and strengthen local green economy ecosystems.

In the U.K, Ecopreneurs for the Climate in Reading, is organising ECO4CLIM17: Climate Innovation Lab, on Thursday 19th October at the Oakwood Centre from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

The Climate Innovation lab in Reading is about bringing together ecopreneurs, civil society, and other key local actors (academia & research, financial institutions and investors, public agencies, media…) in an afternoon of multi-stakeholder cocreation! Generating and sharing ideas, expertise and solutions towards positve climate impact.

There will be interactive expert panel sessions and of course an Award for Climate Champion!

Recently anounced speaking is the ESA (European Space Agency), presenting their new scheme “KICK-START SUPPORT FOR SPACE-ENABLED COMMERCIAL CLIMATE SERVICES” opening business applications for Commercial Climate Services (funding up to €60K per activity)

If you are an entrepreneur with green business solutions at the idea or project stage or an SME with a project that can reduce carbon emissions (mitigation) and help adapt to the effects of climate change (adaptation/resilience) then register to participate in the event here.

Participants will be able to pitch their innovative business solutions or the project to the jury within Industry, energy, buildings, transport, agriculture, finance, water etc. for a chance to become Climate Champion.

Alongside this they can also be nominated to participate in:

1. COP23 Climate Summit to be held in Bonn (Germany) on November 6 – 17 (travel expenses covered).
2. a live-streaming chat as part of the UN Foundation COP23 Digital Surge Day.

Interested to take part or to find out more, check out their webiste below of email the team behind the initiative directly!

Email: eco4clim@cccrdg.org.uk

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