What are the wasteful products that really make you angry?

If you’ve not already seen, the People’s Design Lab is back, brought to you by Zero Waste Europe, launching the Redesign Europe Challenge (how apt).

It’s even easier now to vote for the products that need to be redesigned or phased out the market (as actually often better alternatives already exist).

So what are you waiting for? Follow the link and select the products you would like to phase out of the market. The 3 ‘most hated’ products will win the #Designed4Trash award.

After this first round of voting there should also be some on the ground workshops to bring people together to discuss, debate, design and engage stakeholders for better design, wether it be a product, people, system or policy solution, or more often a combination of all of them. We know it’s possible!


You can also follow and join the debate at:

The Redesign Europe Challenge was developed and inspired  from the People’s Design Lab UK project

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