A quick update in ways to get involved in the Open Source Circular Economy days in London ( and beyond).

1. Visit and read all about it at the OSCEdays website, as well as see all the countries and places getting involved around the world!


2. Visit the OSCEdays London page and keep an eye on details as they emerge (including Headline Challenges and tickets), supported by the brilliant Knowledge Transfer Network.City_London

3. Join the online platform where you can become part of the community helping to develop it as well as contribute to the challenges. There is a London hub here too for organising, challenge posting and meet-up promoting. Also opportunities to make a video that we can share globally on Open Source &/or Circular Economy.


4. Block the 12th to 14th of June in your diary and join us at the Fab Lab London to take part in taking forward the challenges offline for a weekend of inspiration, connecting and most importantly practical action for an Open Source Circular Economy! We’ll be working on Headline Challenges from the likes of The Great RecoveryThe Rubbish Diet, The Peoples Design Lab and more to be announced!


5. Help us shape the next steps for both the challenges and the OSCEdays!

Any questions, just get in touch!

All graphics credit Jenni Ottilie Keppler CC-BY-SA 4.0

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