I’d like to introduce you to the Open Source Circular Economy Days 2015.

The what days I hear you say! Have we just put two of the most current jargon, so-called tribe terms together? Well yes and no and with definite intent………

The Open Source for Circular Economy Days is a globally distributed event and hack/jam workshop exploring the subject of an Open Source Circular Economy. It will run from June 11th – 15th 2015 in several cities all around the globe and we have plans to make it not just a supporting catalyst but a continuing contribution.


During these days and in the lead-up , activists and experts from open source hardware, software, data, design, circular economy, waste management, resource management and the collaborative economy will come together to learn from each other share and work together, in order to develop, exchange and prototype ideas for an Open Source driven Circular Economy. What are the benefits, the barriers or possible dangers?

The programme will include activities and events such as:
  • a core Hack/Jam challenge with collaborative workshops, tear-downs and prototyping
  • a stakeholder roundtable discussion uncovering the relationship between Open Source and Circular Economics
  • Lead-in educational webinars with key stakeholders and knowledge experts
  • Talks and solution showcasing
  • Development of an online/offline platform to facilitate interaction, knowledge sharing and project development between the Open Source and Circular Economy communities
  • Follow-up knowledge dissemination through synthesis of cutting edge knowledge into a report to inform policy, industry and education

Fancy joining, supporting or sponsoring The OSCEDays to raise awareness, strengthen and build upon existing circular economy initiatives, and participate in worldwide networks and projects?

The core team, from Berlin Paris and London, are a diverse group, together bringing experiences and insights from the worlds of, design, engineering, art, film, business development, economy, waste and resource management and more.

We are united by our interests, passion and recognition of the importance of a more open, collaborative, sharing and circular economy approach to our economy and how these will support in catalysing a move to a fairer, ethical and more sustainable one.

Circular Economy is the vision for a truly sustainable future that works without waste, in symbiosis with our environment and resources. Every product is designed for infinite cycles of use, and different material or manufacturing cycles are carefully aligned, so that the output of one process always feeds the input of another. If we want a world without waste we need to stop wasting time in “reinventing the wheel”, but open up around the world, share and build on the ways to get their.

We believe that this kind of economy – a circular economy – cannot work without transparency, open access to information and open source! If we don’t look to have a clearer and fuller understanding of the system and the cycles which people are creating within it, we could just end up with lots of multiplied loops. In the end still using up finite resources but just discretely distributed. We need an open source approach to the circular economy.

During the OSCEDays we will raise these questions and many more, discuss and prototype new ideas and solutions, we will work globally connected on real local challenges and try to build new alliances and projects around the globe.

Call for local organisers:

The OSCEDays is an open platform and distributed event! Local events are organised by local groups focusing on local challenges, the cities will be connected in the lead up and during the OSCEDays through various media channels. We are encouraging local organisers all over the world. On our website you can find a participation guide where you can learn how to get involved, connect and become part of a global community that believes in and wants open source as a tool to build a global, sustainable, circular economy.

We’re very open and are looking to build the movement through local organisers and events big or small. Help us to build this global community and open sharing platform.

So join us, find out more ways to get involved and support in any way you can!


IMG Credits and downloads to be found here, via Jenni Ottilie Keppler (Open It Agency), Licensed CC-BYMap made by Sam Muirhead/Camera Libre (Open It Agency), Licensed: CC-BY-SA

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