Quick overview notes from Wrap’s Resources Limited conference today. Key takeaways – the examples and ideas are out there from Ifixit online to LG Electronics repair stations in South Korea, it’s about informing, profiling, supporting and scaling. Oh and some are still chanting the give the consumer what they want………..However isn’t this just a cyclic system where marketing and advertising have fuelled ideas of what they want and if they really dug deeper, connecting values and needs are really not so product based. Seems we’re still loathed to give up current consumption models, just change it to a delaying model.

Also some great pointers to Autodesk’s Sustainability workshop ( a great design resource and introduction to others) and another recommendation to read The Circle. Wonder what it’s based on…….

Great panel session with a variety of perspectives from Rentez-Vous, Baroness Scott, Mark & Spencer, Wrap’s Liz Goodwin and Environcom. You can catch more on twitter #ResourcesLtd

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