Notes On – Old Stuff, New Stuff

It was a busy and interesting last week where, as covered in Sustainable Tents and Talks, London got even more design focused with designers new and old exhibiting their new designs. Meanwhile Birmingham was home to Resource Waste Managements three-day conference and exhibition showcasing the latest thinking, practices and technology to recycle or get rid … Continue reading Notes On – Old Stuff, New Stuff

What a load of Rubbish

Ever wondered or thought about the scale and types of rubbish that would go through an institution or museum? No? Yes? Not really....... Well the artist Joshua Shoefer did and after apparently a lot of perseverance managed to get the Science Museum in London to as well. The concept itself sounds simple. Imagine a box with … Continue reading What a load of Rubbish

Notes On – Smart Resources

Quick overview notes from Nesta's Hot Topic Talk today  - Smart Resources: New forms of open data for a more circular economy. Great intro, panel, questions and debate! See more on twitter #nestahottopics and at Smart Resources Nesta